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The Reviews are In for AGM Renovations

Renovation company, AGM Renovations services the United States and Canada. AGM Renovations’ reviews show a company built on over twenty years of operational excellence. The company reviews their processes relentlessly and ensures stellar customer service for its customers

Let’s Reviews the AGM Difference

The company sets itself apart by prioritizing customer service and stellar project outcomes for property owners throughout the U.S. and Canada. AGM Renovations is trusted and recommended by celebrity contractor, Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes.”

Customers want trusted teams, and AGM Renovations commits to every state of the process, providing affordable, quality renovations and support along the way.

Quoted Price Guarantee

Homeowners want to trust the quoted price for their renovations. AGM Renovations promises no hidden fees and stands by their quoted price for the original scope of work.

Timeline Guarantee

The company is committed to completing projects on time. AGM Renovations pays $100 for each business day over the projected amount, providing the original work scope has not changed.

5-Year Unlimited Warranty

AGM Renovations includes a 5-year unlimited warranty which covers 100% of all work performed by the company.

Your Platform for Renovation Resources

AGM Renovations reviews its customer satisfaction and service practices regularly to remain a leader in the industry.

The company helps homeowners gain a clear understanding of the renovation process and engage in renovations with confidence. AGM Renovations provides a platform for exploring renovation topics, tips, and strategies.

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Quality Renovations with Customer-Informed Outcomes

With a reputation for exceptional renovations in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other spaces, AGM Renovations involves the homeowner in the process, from start to finish.

Anticipating the needs of its customers is key to the company’s success. From selecting finishes to exploring the latest trends, AGM Renovations reviews each important decision with the homeowner to ensure an exceptional end product. Request a Quote

AGM Renovations Reviews & Testimonials from Clients

Highly recommend AGM for any of your renovation needs. We are extremely satisfied with the work done. Our project manager Ayad was great to work with. All the workers were professional and polite. Couldn’t be happier with the final product.

Jules B – 4/29/2024 (Source: HomeStars)

Highly recommended! outstanding service. We finished our basement with AGM and they absolutely exceeded our expectations. The workers were very competent; the project manager was always available to answer our questions and provide any additonal support; high quality materials used and amazing finishing. It was our first renew and we cannot think of any company other than AGM for our next project!

Alissongm – 04/25/2024 (Source: HomeStars)

The guys came on time, worked until 8:45pm. When it was too dark and dangerous, to be on the roof without light. They returned the next morning to complete the job. They also cleaned up all the debris. My neighbour was watching the work the work, and is very interested in using this company.

I shall recommend this company to everyone as they are efficient and reliable. Chung – 04/14/2024 (Source: HomeStars)

Custom Closets Lend New Function to Old Spaces

While AGM Renovations is committed to creating stylish, aesthetically engaging remodels, functional space is equally as important. Maximizing storage space and creating custom closets can reinvigorate home spaces that have gone forgotten or unused.

Flooring and Painting Replace Bland with Beautiful

When the right flooring and paint are placed in a room, the space comes alive. AGM Renovations reviews color choices, flooring styles, and the many textures and types of paint and flooring to bring about beautiful room transformations through results-guaranteed remodels.

Learn Valuable Remodeling and Renovation Tips with AGM

Renovations Reviews

Renovations can bring challenges to even the most experienced DIYer, and AGM Renovations is committed to providing insights, advice, and support to homeowners with quality services for reasonable budgets. AGM Renovations Reviews is a platform created to help homeowners make the best decisions for beautifying their space and remodeling smartly. From renovation processes to best practices and tips, AGM Renovations provides sound information and smart service solutions for renovations in the United States and Canada.

AGM Renovations Reviews

AGM Renovations Reviews

About AGM Renovations

AGM Renovations is a renovation company servicing Canada and USA. AGM Renovations reviews show that during its over twenty years in operations, AGM Renovations has solidified itself as a team of experts that property owners can rely on for high-quality renovation solutions at affordable prices. AGM Renovations reviews their processes constantly to ensure they offer their customers the very best service in the industry.

AGM Renovations reviews show that AGM Renovations is the only renovation company that is both trusted and recommended by celebrity contractor Mike Holmes of Holmes on Holmes. The company realizes that people need renovation services from trusted teams who are committed to every stage of the process and work to provide affordable pricing, quality workmanship, and helpful renovation insights along the way. By providing turnkey renovation and building services for basements, kitchens, bathrooms, roofing, flooring& painting, AGM Renovations helps homeowners find new love for their properties, maximizing functionality, utility, space, and overall design.

AGM Renovations Reviews The AGM Difference

Over the course of AGM Renovations’ time in the industry, the company has set itself apart from others by prioritizing comprehensive services for property owners across the US and Canada.

AGM Renovations Reviews

AGM Renovations reviews show the company stands by the idea that homeowners deserve nothing but the best in terms of workmanship, materials, project timelines, and end-to-end customer service solutions. What’s more is that there are many other ways AGM Renovations works to provide the best services possible.

Below are a few reasons why AGM Renovations is highly recommended by Mike Holmes and past clients alike.

Quoted Price Guarantee

Homeowners want to be able to trust that the quoted price for their renovation is as stated and stays that way. At AGM Renovations, homeowners can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, prices, and that their quoted price is exactly what they pay as long as the scope of their project is not changed. The company also absorbs any additional costs, which takes the burden of unforeseen costs off of the customer.

Timeline Guarantee

According to AGM Renovations, lawsuits and other issues with contractor working relations are commonly linked to missed deadlines and failure to assure customers that projects will be completed well and in a timely manner. One of the perks of working with AGM Renovations is the company’s commitment to completing projects on time. AGM is committed to paying $100 for each business day that a project is running late, provided the scope and selections during renovation have not been changed.

5-Year Unlimited Warranty

AGM Renovations Reviews

AGM Renovations includes a 5-year unlimited warranty as a way to prove to clients that their materials and the work that they provide are among the best the industry has to offer. The warranty covers 100% of the work that the company provides. AGM also includes price matching that is available should another company offer a lower quote and includes the statement in writing.

AGM Renovations Reviews is Your Platform for Renovation Resources

At AGM Renovations, customer satisfaction and high-quality renovation services are at the center of everything they do. The company is also interested in helping homeowners develop a clearer understanding of the renovation landscape so that they can step into their projects with the confidence their dream space is just around the corner.

According to AGM Renovations, lawsuits, service problems, project deadline issues, and other sources of stress are most easily avoided when homeowners are able to make informed decisions based on their needs and partner with companies that keep their best interests in mind.

AGM Renovations Reviews

AGM Renovations Reviews will, therefore, serve as a platform dedicated to exploring a variety of renovation topics valuable for homeowners that want to learn more about processes, design, location trusted renovation companies, and much more.

Future posts included on AGM Renovations Reviews will include information on topics such as:


AGM helps homeowners renovate their bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and additional spaces, allowing them to select materials from the comfort of their own home. AGM’s time in the renovation space has helped the company better understand the needs of homeowners, frequently asked questions, concerns, and the ins and outs of renovation services. With this in mind, renovation content will provide readers with insights into processes such as selecting finishes, choosing the best renovation companies available, keeping up with the latest trends, and ensuring that the end product is the room of your dreams.

Custom Closet Creation

Storage and utility are crucial in our comes, which is why custom closets are continuing to grow in popularity. At AGM, our teams know how to maximize storage space and tailor custom closets to the specific needs of customers. Readers can expect future posts to further explore custom closets and how they can improve the functionality, utility, and available storage in our homes while providing personality to the space as well.

AGM Renovations Reviews

Flooring and Painting

The right flooring and paint can truly wake up a room, creating warmth, personality, and appealing design. AGM Renovations Reviews aims to include resources that break down key steps in selecting flooring and paint that bring life to your home, even providing inside looks at how homeowners can use interior paint and high-quality flooring to give homes a refreshed look.

AGM Renovations Reviews/ Testimonials from Clients

Reviews and feedback from AGM Renovations’ clients are crucial for helping the company refine its processes and make sure that it is keeping customers at the center of all the work that they perform. Content included on AGM Renovations Reviews will explore reviews and testimonials from real AGM clients, detailing their reasons for choosing AGM, renovation journeys, and experiences working with the company throughout the renovation process.

Interested in More from AGM Renovations Reviews?

The world of renovation can seem daunting to homeowners who do not have much experience exploring the services that are available to them, but do not worry! AGM Reviews was created as a resource for helping homeowners make more informed decisions regarding their renovation needs, learn more about renovation processes, tips, and tricks, and more.

If you would like to learn more about renovation, custom closet creation, and more, be sure to tune in to AGM Renovations Reviews!