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The Realtor Referral Program: A Win-Win-Win Situation

AGM Renovations Reviews

As a realtor in Canada, you know so many clients are looking for that perfect dream home. And regardless of how many houses you’ll show a prospective buyer, Canadians invariably will want something built for their unique needs. By utilizing the AGM Renovations Realtor Referral Program, you can capitalize on this common desire for customization, while exceeding your clients’ expectations.

The program guarantees everybody’s a winner: you boost your income through 5% commission, your clients get the home they’ve always wanted, and we get to transform bathrooms, basements, and kitchens into stunning spaces.

Who We Are

Here at AGM, we take great pride in being the number one rated renovation experts in the country. We began as a one-man-band who came to the country with just $200 in his pocket and we’ve evolved into the official partner of Mike Holmes, a much-loved builder, contractor, and businessman.

We’ve completed over 1,000 client projects in the past 12 months and are looking forward to bringing our 20+ years of experience to your referred clients.

The Three-Step Referral Program Process

We’re all about transparency here, guaranteeing everything from the five-year unlimited warranty to the timeline to price matches. Your buyers can rest easy in the knowledge they’re receiving meticulous attention to detail and unmatchable artistry at the best price.

Referring clients and receiving your 5% commission is easier than you think. Just follow the three straightforward steps below:

#1 Refer Your Client to AGM

With a speedy add-client feature and a fully-fledged disclosure and liability waiver, our mobile-friendly portal offers a straightforward way to refer your client while operating in complete integrity. It’ll only take a few moments to kickstart the process.

#2 Your Client Gets a No-Strings-Attached

Within 15 minutes, we contact your client, providing exceptional customer service and a myriad of exclusive payment options, such as:

  • $0 down payment
  • $0 payments for one year
  • $0 interest
  • A 5% discount on all renovations

On top of that, they receive high-quality, fully insured renovations that are guaranteed by Mike Holmes within three weeks.

#3 You Rake in Commissions

For every dollar your client spends with AGM, you receive a 5% referral fee paid immediately after signing — we don’t even cap the referral fee.

Regardless of your client volume, we’ll work around the clock to accommodate them anywhere in Canada.

AGM Renovations

You’ll Even Get Access to More Buyers

We know you’re great at what you do, but wouldn’t it be nice to access a certified pool of high-income clients? Well, that’s exactly what you get from us once you’ve added your first referral. We have hundreds of buyers waiting for a realtor like you.

Start Today: Boost Sales and Realize Your Clients’ Dreams

Whether you work with house flippers, first-time buyers, homeowners wanting to list their homes in the future, or previous clients, we’d love to meet them. Get your login credentials and get paid immediately for every referral while knowing your buyers are in more-than-capable hands.

Exciting Program Turns Home Renovations into Revenue

AGM Renovations reviews

In the realm of home renovations, AGM Renovations stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. With a rich legacy spanning nearly two decades, the company has carved a niche for itself as a trusted name in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and their relentless pursuit of perfection have set them apart as true pioneers in the field of home transformations.

Every project is more than just a renovation; it’s a testament of the team’s dedication to elevating spaces to newfound levels of sophistication and functionality. Their crew of seasoned experts combines unparalleled craftsmanship with a keen eye for design, ensuring that every project not only meets, but exceeds the client’s expectations.

AGM Renovations reviews how clients aren’t just investing in a renovation; they’re partnering with a team that is driven by a shared vision of turning houses into dream homes.

Unveiling a New Program for Financial Empowerment

In a game-changing move, the company introduced a transformative program tailored to alleviate the financial strain of high mortgage payments. Recognizing the weight these monthly obligations can bear, the firm has unveiled a solution that holds the promise of generating a substantial monthly income.

This visionary program empowers homeowners to tap into the latent potential of their properties by enlisting the firm to create a rental apartment within their unused basement space. The company takes charge of the entire process, from securing the essential rental building permit to meticulously designing the rental unit.

Notably, homeowners are not required to make any direct payments to the firm for this service. Instead, financial institutions handle the compensation for the contractor’s expertise.

Yet, the advantages extend further. The company also takes on the task of sourcing quality tenants who are willing to pay premium rates for the rental unit. This not only relieves homeowners of the tenant management burden, but also ensures a steady stream of income after placement.

Ivan Atanasov, the founder of AGM Renovations, expresses his excitement for the program in a recent interview. He states: “Understanding the burden monthly mortgage payments place on homeowners, our new program will allow homeowners a way to earn $2,500 – $3,500 in monthly income.”

What sets this program apart is that homeowners can onboard this newfound rental income with zero initial financial commitment. They won’t incur any costs, interest, or payments in that entire first year( o.a.c.).

With almost two decades of experience, the company stands as an unwavering presence in the renovation domain. Their extensive expertise positions them as the go-to experts for all renovation needs.
With an impeccable track record of 100% client satisfaction, they serve clients across Canada and the United States, offering top-tier renovation and finishing services. Homeowners can seize this opportunity by scheduling a free estimate at their convenience.

AGM Renovations reviews

Revolutionizing Homeownership

This basement renovation initiative represents a revolutionary step towards financial empowerment for homeowners. By leveraging the expertise of the AGM professional team, homeowners can unlock the full potential of their properties, turning them into lucrative rental spaces.

This program not only offers a substantial monthly income but also does so with zero initial financial commitment from homeowners. With the professionals handling every aspect, from design to tenant sourcing, homeowners can embark on a journey towards a more financially secure future. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your property.

Underrated Home Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

AGM Renovations reviews

Enjoying being inside a home is one of the main reasons to renovate it. However, that’s quickly followed (and sometimes surpassed) by the idea of increasing ROIs through improvements. To generate as much profit as possible, choosing the right renovations is vital.

Whether it’s painting the walls a neutral tone or completely modifying the bathroom, AGM Renovations reviews that some projects have a better chance of recouping or making money than others.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint offers jaw-dropping results without massive capital investment. Not to mention it’s quite easy to do, provided the right materials are to hand.

Deciding on a color can be tricky. However, pale, pastel yellow homes are reportedly selling for more money than others. The reason? Well, several:

  • Visual Appeal: Yellow is a bright and vibrant color that stands out and attracts attention. It can make a home appear more cheerful, inviting, and visually appealing, which can be appealing to potential buyers.
  • Psychological Impact: Colors can have a psychological impact on people’s emotions and perceptions. Yellow is often associated with happiness, positivity, and warmth, which can create a positive impression on buyers and make them feel more comfortable and optimistic about the property.
  • Unique and Memorable: Yellow homes are less common compared to traditional neutral colors like white or beige. This uniqueness can make the property more memorable to potential buyers, helping it stand out in a crowded real estate market.
  • Curb Appeal: The color of a home’s exterior can significantly impact its curb appeal. A well-maintained yellow exterior can make the property look well-cared-for and aesthetically pleasing, attracting more buyers.
  • Historical and Cultural Significance: In some cultures, yellow is considered a lucky or auspicious color, which can influence buyers’ preferences. Additionally, certain architectural styles or historical periods may have popularized the use of yellow in-home design, adding to its appeal.
  • Trendy and Modern: Yellow-colored homes may be perceived as more modern and trendy, especially when paired with contemporary architectural designs and features.
  • Psychological Pricing: Some sellers use color psychology in marketing and pricing strategies. For example, a yellow home with a slightly lower price may be perceived as a better deal or a more affordable option compared to homes with more conventional colors.

It’s important to note that color preferences can vary. While yellow homes may be popular in one area, other colors may be preferred elsewhere. Ultimately, the success of selling a home depends on various factors, including location, pricing, condition, and overall market demand, in addition to the color of the exterior.

Naturally, a fresh coat of paint becomes less of a money-saving, high ROI-providing activity when using professionals.

AGM Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen remodels can net as much as 77% of the cost, so it’s really a no-brainer. That said, homeowners should avoid making highly personal design choices if they’re primarily renovating to improve their sale price.

Potential buyers appreciate that somebody else did all the dirty work — renovations are not always a walk in the park, after all. But sticking with top-quality fixtures (e.g., granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances) is essential to avoid inhibiting sale prices.

Although, owners of smaller homes won’t recoup the costs of installing fancy ranges or other appliances. Instead, try to upgrade the present appliances with electrostatic paint and repaint the cabinets for maximum impact.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can provide returns in the 57% to 64% range, as long as people avoid anything that’s too trendy.

Classic features should be prioritized over of-the-moment additions to appeal to buyers of a traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Interestingly, there isn’t a need to splurge on top-of-the-range fixtures. According to some designers, a Jacuzzi tub isn’t going to make or break a sale. Homeowners should prioritize quick touch-ups rather than going all-out unless they plan to stay and enjoy their latest creation for a year or two.

Expert Tips for a Successful Home Renovation Project

AGM Renovations Reviews

There’s no denying that home renovations are exciting and rewarding. After all, they allow people to add value to their properties and achieve their dream aesthetic. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Home renovations can be daunting and have many road bumps if not properly planned for.

Luckily, AGM Renovations reports that common mistakes can be avoided by following the expert tips provided below.

It’s Important to Plan and Prioritize

House remodeling projects should always begin with a clear goal. Defining the scope of the renovation gives homeowners the opportunity to identify areas requiring the most attention. Plus, it can help during the process, when remaining focused is a necessity.

The reason for the modifications will determine the prioritization. Those who are redesigning before selling will benefit more from classic additions than personal touches.

Don’t Rush the Planning

Rushing through the aforementioned planning stage can completely derail a project and cause costly mistakes. Thus, homeowners must be thorough, taking all the time they need to accurately assess their needs and preferences, make a thought-out budget, and plan layouts.

Double-checking material selections, colors, and measurements is a good idea to ensure everything aligns perfectly.

It’s Important to Choose the Right Contractor

The right contractor respects budgets, works with reliable suppliers, and minimizes the risks of accidents. The team at AGM Renovations specializes in bathroom remodels and exceeds even these high expectations.

For instance, the crew guarantee timelines. While this may seem far-fetched for those who have completed renovations before, AGM Renovations don’t lie. And to prove their commitment, they pay clients $100 for every working day they’re late, provided there aren’t any scope changes during the project.

On top of that, they offer a five-year unlimited warranty in an effort to prove their work and the materials they use are the industry’s best.

Last but certainly not least, they price-match competitors’ quotes, as long as the other company puts the statement in writing.

The right contractor can save many headaches, a bunch of time, and (potentially) a lot of money.

AGM Renovations

It’s Isn’t Always Best to DIY Everything

Some homeowners argue that the key to saving money is through DIY. It’s an admirable way of thinking, but trades exist for a reason — not everybody can do everything, especially when it comes to structural changes, plumbing, and electrical work.

Undertaking complex projects without the expertise or proper tools often leads to expensive mistakes.

Invest in the Right Materials

Quality materials are crucial for successful renovations. Top-notch materials not only improve the overall appearance and value of the property, but they also guarantee it’ll withstand the test of time.

While it’s tempting to save costs by choosing cheaper materials, this will only damage bank accounts in the long run.

Don’t Cheap Out on Structural Repairs

If renovating involves structural repairs, don’t go for the cheapest option. Addressing such problems is vital for the stability and safety of the property. So, investing in professional repairs is a must for the property’s long-standing structural integrity.